Vanessa Hudgens, Ellen


To say Vanessa Hudgens was excited to meet Meryl Streep backstage at The Ellen DeGeneres Show is definitely an understatement.

During a recent appearance on the popular program, the 25-year-old actress had a bit of a fan girl moment as she struggled to compose herself immediately following her face-to-face encounter with the three-time Oscar winner.

"Vanessa is freaking out right now," host Ellen DeGeneres told the audience.

"You have no idea," said an overwhelmed Hudgens while trying to catch her breath. "I was back there wiping off the tears. I'm still so emotional. She's just so amazing."

Hudgens emotionally continued, "She's so sweet. I got to meet her back there and she's so beautiful. It's mind-blowing. She just radiates light and love and talent. She's amazing. It's crazy."

And as if meeting Streep wasn't enough, DeGeneres quickly made the moment all the more memorable by presenting Hudgens with the very mug that the August: Osage County star drank out of earlier in the show.

"I'm never washing it!" exclaimed Hudgens, before adding with a laugh: "I'll just lick it."

"Now you're getting weird," DeGeneres replied.

It's OK, Vanessa. We'd probably do the same.

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