Lady Gaga

Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

We rarely know what Lady Gaga is thinking when she crafts a look, but this time we think we have an idea.

She, like any child of the '80s is a major fan of Sesame Street, hence the Muppet-style hair. But she's in Paris...which is in Europe...which is the home of the original court jesters to the Kings and Queens, and since she likes to have some fashion fun, she chose to dress like a royal comedienne! See. Makes perfect sense!

Though, now that we see where she's standing, this vintage Versace look may also have something to do with the architectural structure of the Louvre Museum. And with that, we're thrown off again.

All the theorizing aside though, we'd like to point out that the "Dope" singer's body looks exactly that in this skintight jumpsuit. Yes, 10 inch heels lengthen the leg, but Taylor Kinney's main squeeze looks very sexy regardless of the height help. So we'll just focus on that rather than attempting to understand the fashion choice. Unless that is the choice?! A sculpted body like a sculpture at the museum?? 

Right. Sorry. We're done.

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