Anne Hathaway Reveals She's "Looking Forward" to Having Kids Soon—Get the Details!

Exclusive: Actress also talked about her scary ocean incident

By Lily Harrison Jan 22, 2014 9:30 PMTags
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Despite having back-to-back films lined up, Anne Hathaway has babies on the brain.

When asked whether or not she's ready to have kids, the Oscar-winning actress exclaimed, "Yeah! I hope so! I am looking forward to it."

But before she and her hubby Adam Shulman work on starting a family, the adorable couple spent some quality time in Hawaii.

During their beach vacation, Anne (now famously) ran into a bit of trouble while taking a dip in the ocean and appeared to be calling for help during one of her swims.

So was Anne really in danger?

"It was nothing like what was portrayed," she explained to E! News while she was at Sundance to promote her flick Song One. "I've been swimming in the ocean my whole life. I'm really comfortable in rough water and I had been swimming the day before with huge waves."

But apparently Anne wasn't familiar with Hawaii's North Shore, and got caught up in one of their dangerous cross tides.

"It's not a big deal but I just got caught in a cross rip and I was struggling to get in and I was out over my head and I had been trying to get inland for like ten minutes.

"So, I just needed to alert my husband that I was having a little trouble but there were all these paparazzi around there so I didn't want to show them that I was really in distress. I didn't know how to communicate it but it turned into this whole charades thing to show him I wasn't okay."

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Wow! And how did her husband respond? Like a true gentlemen, of course.

"He very heroically ripped his shirt off and went in to save me but by the time he was able to come in and get me, I was already in," she shared.

"It's just something that happened on vacation and I would've forgotten about it not become what it became."

Anne also addressed the rumors that a Devil Wears Prada sequel may be in the works, saying, "I haven't read the book so I don't know what I'm saying, but if all the people came back I would love to be reunited with everyone…but that doesn't mean it's happening!"