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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Tuesday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Originals: Oh, Davina, we miss you already! Yes, the CW hit's teen witch died after Sophie finally completed the Harvest only to learn that she had failed and none of the sacrificed young ladies came back to life. For scoop on what's ahead, read our interview with Danielle Campbell, who also shared the hilarious story of how she found out Davina was dying.

The Mindy Project: Happily ever after? That is the question that will be on fans' minds until April 1 as Danny kissed Mindy in the final scene of the Fox sitcom's winter finale. Oh yes, you read that right. Danny, cynical, jaded divorcee, kissed Mindy, hopeless romantic. On a plane. After experiending turbulence. And she kissed him back. Just as her boyfriend Cliff was pledging to win her back in New York City. We literally cannot handle all of our emotions.

We are so torn, people. On the one hand, we've been counting down the minutes until this kiss. Fo' realz. But on the other, there's no going back for Danny and Mindy now. So we honestly can't decide where we want this to go. For New Girl's Nick and Jess, they had to get together, but for Danny and Mindy, it's more complicated. They are older, more mature, and work together. (It's Complicated isn't just an awesome Meryl Streep movie in this situation.)

But for now, we're not going to pull a Mindy Lahiri and overthink the situation. Let us just bask in the epicness that was their first kiss. Oh, and airplanes are so Danny and Mindy's thing, no?


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Supernatural: "This is the part where you hug me back." Sastiel. Is. So. On. Come on, don't tell us you didn't love that awkward Sam and Castiel hug as much as we did? (Destiel fans, simmer. We love them, too.)

Pretty Little Liars: So long, Caleb. Hello, Travis! Yep, Hanna is moving on pretty fast from Ravenswood's new leading man as she and Travis shared their first kiss during a game of pool. (Oldest trick in the book, girl!) Oh, and she wasn't the only Liar making major romantic moves as Aria called things off for good with Jake, opting to stick with Ezra (aka "A") instead. This is heading to a no-good, very-bad conclusion, isn't it?

New Girl: Nick Miller, master of the subtle grand gesture. Seriously, how perfect was Nick's birthday gift for Jess: he got everyone she loves, including her father (Oh hi, Rob Reiner!), to participate in a video, which he rented out a movie theater to screen for her. And it's also revealed that Nick still carries around the coin that was in his pocket from the first time he and Jess kissed. Boyfriends all over the world crying uncle, that's the sound you just heard.

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