Lena Dunham, Craigslist Couch


Is your couch, like, a Marnie? Something from Pottery Barn?

Or maybe it's a Shoshana (a pink futon) or a Jessa (no couch). What you're probably looking for is "Just a Very Real and Relatable Couch" though. A Hannah Horvath. A Lena Dunham. If so, this Craigslist ad is right up your alley. 

The couch, which is located in Brooklyn, N.Y. and going for $200, is described as so: 

Selling a classy beautiful sexy REAL and relatable couch that's comfortable. This is basically the Lena Dunham of couches. This is just..like a couch I don't know why everything needs a label like we're fruit or something and you just have to pick them off or sometimes you swallow them and don't even notice.

Is it OKAY for us to talk about a regular and normal couch being sexy? Can we recognize that? It's a real couch being a real couch and we don't see much of that in living rooms.

"Finally, a couch that is just like a couch you know or grew up with but it's new and it's okay for this couch to be pretty and sexual and everyone doesn't have to freak out about it," seller Mickey Dwyer writes.

He concludes, "I think that couches get stuck in a vortex of comfort vs. sexuality and it's all just...life. And we need to get over it. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO" 

Mickey took to Twitter to ask Lena to help get the word out. She did just that:

Craigslist, Lena Dunham


And right above a RT from Vogue? How real is that? #couch

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