Prepare for an influx of new love interests on The Vampire Diaries!

OK, so we have no proof whatsoever that's happening, but if Nina Dobrev has her way, there will be loads of hot new, single-and-ready-to-mingle characters heading to the CW hit—not only for her character, Elena, but also for her two leading men, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley).

Why? Because she feels it's time to mix it up.

"There's all this chemistry and all this stuff happening," Dobrev tells me of TVD's love triangle (or actually rhombus, because it also includes the other character Elena plays, Katherine. "But ultimately, I think they all need to take a break and go find some new people to hang out with!"

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Dobrev contends that none of the four characters are quite right for each other, and that, although Damon "needs someone like Elena to ground him because she really has brought out the best in him," that might not be the best for Elena.

And Stefan? "He might need someone who's a little bit more balanced," Dobrev contends, "but who also has a little bit more life to them that brings him to life, because otherwise he can really go down a deep, dark hole." Apparently, in Dobrev's mind, neither Katherine nor Elena fit the bill. "Elena just needs to go and do her own thing and move to a foreign country!" Dobrev insists.

Thursday marks the 100th episode of the five-year-old, fan favorite series, and Dobrev teases that it's "an episode that will not be forgotten." "It makes a big splash," she teases, "and it has a huge impact on the show and all the characters. And [for] me, because I'm weird and strange and I like all the quirky, strange, awkward things, I loved filming it because I got to do some really weird, strange things myself and experience things and it was really fun to shoot."

One of the characters that Dobrev plays takes a turn that's so dramatic, "It's such a big spoiler you can't even show me in the promos or anything because it gives it away." (Hint: It's not a sex change. We know you were wondering!)

As for fans who are dying to know what's next for Damon and Elena, Dobrev teases: "It's a rollercoaster ride, always. I think they'll both [Damon and Stefan] always be in her life, so that could get complicated because they've both been with her. They both are in love with her, have been in love with her, or won't admit to still being madly and deeply in love with her and so they are navigating this whole scenario which is quite difficult for all of them. But now there's an added element that is a big spoiler that I cannot disclose, but that definitely complicates things a bit. And it leaves everyone sort of very confused and there's going to be a huge shift starting in the next episode that really changes things for everyone."

Dobrev also reveals that there were laughs on set when they shot the Damon-Elena breakup scene, simply because they couldn't believe that Elena was getting dumped. "Five years into it, we kind of do have to explore every little thing and that would definitely have been the last [plausible scenario]. And I remember when we were rehearsing that scene for the first time when we had to shoot it I made a joke about it. We were rehearsing and you have to really get into it, and it's like the first time the crew watches the scene, and we're doing it and then he breaks up with me and I'm just like, 'Wait… what?! No. Damon that's not how this works.' And we made this whole joke out of it. I mean he never breaks up with her. She's the one who breaks up with everybody. But you know he's changing, or trying to change, or trying not to change, just trying to do the best for her ultimately in the end which is kind of cool and sweet and funny how that all works. It's all about timing in life, you know?"

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