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Prince Harry is, once again, proving he's unbelievably awesome (and generally someone you want to party with). 

During a press conference on Tuesday, Jan. 21, The Wire's Dominic West spoke about reaching the South Pole with Prince William's 29-year-old brother, admitting the red-headed royal made sure it was a memorable moment for all when the adventurers finished their 208-mile trek.

According to reports, West, who completed the journey with the Canadian-Australian team, revealed that Harry and others celebrated by drinking out of prosthetic legs upon completing the Walking With the Wounded charity exhibition, which began on Dec. 2 and ended on Friday, Dec. 13.

"Most of us, Harry included, just went on a two-day bender with the Icelandic truck drivers who had brought some lethal home brew with them," The Wire actor revealed. "There was a lot of liqueur drunk. We all drank champagne out of Duncan's favorite prosthetic legs," he added, referring to Duncan Slater, who lost both his legs in Afghanistan in 2009 and also completed the charity trek.

Prince Harry

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But the prosthetic flutes were hardly the only party antics, as fellow trek participants also stripped down and danced around naked upon reaching the South Pole.

"When we got to the Pole a couple of the guys stripped naked and ran round the Pole. It was a sunny day with no wind so it was safe to do that," West shared.

And during the journey, Harry also kept up the moral of the three teams, keeping the participant's spirits high by telling "filthy" jokes in the unbearably cold temperatures.

Harry told "eye-wateringly rude jokes, which for a non-soldier like me was quite shocking," West admitted, adding that the royal was also instrumental in crafting the teams' outdoor toilets.

Prince Harry


"He seemed to specialize in building the latrines and he built these incredibly elaborate ones," West said. "He did one with castellated sides and a flag pole, a loo roll holder, and you're sitting there thinking 'this is a real royal flush'. He must have spent about 40 minutes making it."

And most importantly, Harry treated every participant on the trek like a member of the royal family.

"He would kind of spread himself quite thinly to be honest," double amputee Duncan Slater said. "He would spend time with each team member. He would make sure he mixed with everyone."

"He was very kind to me when I was having trouble with the skis he helped me out, and I thought, 'What a nice guy,'" West added. 

Prince Harry, Walking With The Wounded

Walking With The Wounded

Originally, the American (Soldiers to Summit), British (Walking With the Wounded) and Commonwealth (Soldiers On) teams were competing against each other, but less than one week after the race began, the expedition director announced that the event would no longer be a competition and the teams would instead be going at their own pace due to weather conditions.

Harry joked about the teams trekking together when he spoke on Tuesday, before sharing his admiration for all involved in the expedition.

"The conditions were a lot tougher than we necessarily could have expected. The wind and the storms proved horrendous. However, video doesn't lie and Team UK did win. We did. Those are the facts," he quipped. "To the Australian contingent if you're watching - sorry."

"On a serious note, inspiring others is one of the of the cornerstones of this charity, to demonstrate to those who have experienced life-changing injuries that everything is still possible. I hope this truly unbelievable achievement will remind everybody that they can achieve anything they want to," he said.

"Our wounded, injured and sick do not want pity, they simply want to be treated in the same way that they were before they were injured, with respect and admiration," Harry continued before concluding, "For some the journey may be more of a challenge and it falls to all of us to help them in any way we can."

Walking With the Wounded is a U.K. charity that helps retrain and reeducate wounded servicemen and women to help them find long term employment after they have left the Armed Forces. Harry currently serves as patron of the charity.

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