A new Maleficent trailer is here!

Angelina Jolie proves she's one badass villain in a recently released video clip from the upcoming Disney flick.

In the new trailer, which features images from the original 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty, Brad Pitt's other half comes face to face with the genetically gifted Princess Aurora (played by Elle Fanning). The vid starts off with Maleficent placing a curse on baby Aurora. "I too shall bestow a gift on the child," the horned villainess says while conjuring magic over Aurora's crib.

However, it appears Jolie's Maleficent isn't all bad to the bone. The Oscar winner appears to share some wisdom and helpful guidance with Aurora, telling her, "Aurora, there's evil in this world and I cannot keep you from it." Maleficent then goes head to head with some evil creatures.

Just over a year ago, Fanning opened up to E! News about working with Jolie right after filming finished. "Angelina Jolie, she's just incredible," Fanning gushed to us. "Meeting her and getting to watch her, she just looks amazing. She has these cheekbones and these horns. It's really, really beautiful."

The first movie trailer featuring Jolie and Fanning was released back in November 2013. The film hits theaters May 30.

Watch the new clip for yourself!

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