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WARNING: Massive Homeland spoilers below! We repeat: we're totally going to spoil the end of Homeland's third season. So if you don't want to be spoiled, get the hell out of here while you still can! You've been warned, so if you complain in the comments that we ruined Homeland's ending, then you are bad at reading comprehension and we will mock you endlessly.

There's a special place in hell for people who spoil the finales of TV shows. And that special place in hell has a special section for people who spoil a TV show for our precious Jennifer Lawrence. And that special section in that special place in hell has a special seat for someone who spoils shows on live TV so you cannot react appropriately. 

On the red carpet at the SAG Awards, Jennifer was doing an interview with Access Hollywood at the same time Damian Lewis from Homeland was doing an interview right next to her. She was having a complete fangirl moment and told the reporter that she had watched the first two seasons of Homeland twice (i.e. she had yet to watch season three, which ended in December of 2013).

And because it's a red carpet, Jennifer and Damian were forcibly introduced, and it was very cute to see how excited she got and how charming he was while they chatted. We were headed toward another adorable J.Law moment when the reporter who had been interviewing Damian dropped the biggest Homeland spoiler of them all.

(Last chance to get out before we drop the spoiler!)

"Are you upset that he died?" she asked Jennifer while pointing at Damian. It seems like she didn't hear that (or didn't want to hear it), so her reporter said it again.

"You know they killed him off, right?"

Oh, she heard it that time. And her mouth dropped. Boom. Spoiled. Damian, bless his heart, started yelling about spoiling her while Jennifer just stood there shocked, upset and visibly irritated. He even tried to pretend that he wasn't killed off, a final desperate attempt to salvage her Homeland binge-watching. But then the reporters jumped in again and confirmed, yes, of course they killed him off!

Facepalm GIF

The. Worst.

Poor Jennifer obviously wanted to swear and start yelling at both reporters for spoiling a TV show she obviously loves, but since she was on live TV at a big award show, she couldn't do much.

"I can't process this right now. There are cameras and I can't," Lawrence babbled while probably internally screaming.

So basically she reacted like this:

Angry GIF

But what she really wanted to do was react like this:

Angry GIF

Our personal favorite part of the whole thing is when Jennifer calls her reporter a monster for spoiling Homeland. A monster, indeed. This wouldn't be as awful if Jennifer hadn't mentioned that she watched Homeland and was only caught up with season two. But she did. So why both reporters ganged up to ruin it for her is beyond us.

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