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With great power comes a greater chance of spewing dirt.

This is the lesson The Originals' Davina (Danielle Campbell) will learn in tonight's episode of the hit CW drama when her powers (via all her fellow coven members who were sacrificed in the botched Harvest festival) become too much for her to handle. While coughing up dirt probably won't have Davina updating her favorite hobbies on Facebook anytime soon, it was quite the fun day on set for Campbell.

"OK, it was a big joke on set because the dirt was really cookies," she tells E! News. "So they were Oreo cookies, everyone was teasing me the whole day that I just got to sit in bed and eat cookies all day...It was a blast, I really enjoyed it."

Ah, if only Davina were a typical teenager, right?

In "Après Moi, Le Déluge," Davina will be going through a whole lot of emotions, thanks to her crush Tim's (Shane Coffey) tragic death at the hands of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in last week's episode.

"You see her very devastated and heartbroken. Klaus has now killed the one person that made her feel normal and the one person that she really cared about, so you see her angry," Campbell previews. "She's really mad, but you also see a huge twist, a huge turn of events that happens between all the characters and it's something that no one's going to expect."

That "huge turn of events" could possibly have a positive impact on Davina's relationship with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), the vamp who saved her from the Harvest, but also used her to cement his status as King of the French Quarter. "She's just furious with him. She's hurt, she's still mad, but with this huge turn of events that's going to happen, you see them start to mend that friendship and really start to see how much they both care about each other," Campbell teases.

The Originals

The CW

Prior to landing her witchy role on The Originals, Campbell, 18, was a major fan of The Vampire Diaries, making the transition from watching Morgan on-screen to going toe-to-toe with him in scenes (and beating him!) and surreal one.

"It's really great because you can see how fantastic of an actor Joseph is when you watch the show, but it's amazing to work with him because he gives such takes," Campbell gushes of her costar. "He doesn't just do the same thing over and over, I mean he could act to a wall and still surprise everyone. He's so brilliant as an actor."

And Campbell has managed to give the series one of its most iconic shots yet when Davina snapped a group of witches' necks at the same time in last week's episode, a moment that was instantly .giffed and gushed over on Tumblr. But Campbell is quick to credit The Originals' stunts team for the badass moment.

"I was less aware of myself being the one doing it, because I was so focused on how cool it looked," she explains. "The lighting and the way everything was shot, seeing these women rise off the ground and then when I did the turning of my wrist and it snapped their necks, I mean just watching how these women did this was so fascinating."


The Originals airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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