Did Sleepy Hollow Just Win the Award for Most Epic Finale Ever? Yep! Find Out What Went Down...and Who Died

The Fox breakout hit closed out its freshman season with a two-hour finale, which found one main character arrested and another stuck in purgatory. Plus, John Noble returned in a major way!

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Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Sleepy HollowBrownie Harris/FOX

Spoiler Warning: If you have yet to watch Sleepy Hollow's season one finale, do not continue reading on if you don't want to be spoiled! Seriously, no complaining about spoilers in the comments!

It's only January, but we may already peaked when it comes to season finales.

Sleepy Hollow just threw down one of the best finales in recent TV history, bringing its epic freshman season to a totally satisfying and bats-it crazy end. While viewers were given a lot answers in the Fox hit's epic two-hour finale, "The Indispensable Man" and "Bad Blood," we were left with even more questions that we'll spend the long, long wait until season two stress-eating over. Not only did a beloved character possibly die, but another was arrested and two took a trip to purgatory, which may just be the craziest place ever showcased on TV.

Plus, Sleepy Hollow ended the season with the mother of all twists...or should we say the son of all twists?

Son of a Witch: The night's most shocking reveal? Fringe's John Noble aka Henry Parish aka the Sin Eater has yet another "aka" to add to that list: Jeremy Crane. Yes, Henry is really Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Katrina's (Katia Winter) long-lost son, Jeremy, who finally revealed himself to his parents after making sure he separated the two Witnesses. And man, does the warlock have daddy and mommy issues, as he let Headless (aka Abraham, Ichabod's former BFF) take Katrina, his former fiancé, and condemned Ichabod to the same hell he endured: being buried alive. "Goodbye father," Jeremy said, slamming the casket shut.


So how is this possible? After being buried by Katrina's coven of witches centuries ago, it was Moloch, "his true father," who resurrected Jeremy...as War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Reunited with a Cost: Katrina and Icahbod were finally reunited! But for the couple to leave purgatory together, one of the Witnesses had to stay behind, and in a surprising way, Abbie (Nicole Beharie) chose for Moloch's prophecy (which said Crane would betray her) to come true. Yes, our girl Abbie elected to take Katrina's in purgatory, so the witch could stop War from coming, leading to one amazing moment between her and Crane, in which he promised to come back for her. "Remember our bond, I will come back for you," he said. (Anyone else catch Katrina's look at the "Ichabbie" hug? Ahem.) But last we see of Abbie, she's stuck in a dollhouse with the younger version of herself, who witnessed Jeremy's resurrection 13 years ago.

Brownie Harris/FOX

A Father's Love: While we didn't get a whole lot of Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) in the two-hour finale, his storyline still packed a mighty punch to our emotional gut. (Feels activated!) In order to protect his daughter, Irving confessed to the murders of Father Boland and Devon Jones and was arrested. And last we heard of our beloved captain, he was being transported upstate.

Sister, Sister: Oh no, Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood)! After discovering Henry's true identity by finding the sign he stole his fake name from (St. Henry's Parish), Jenny was on the phone with Abbie trying to warn her, before Headless appeared on the road before her, causing her car to flip multiple times.


— Yay Spy Daddy! Though his appearance was short, how fun was it seeing Alias' Victor Garber as Ichabod's father? And major props for that convincing British accent!

—"This is our first family spat." John Noble, killin' it as always. Here's hoping we get lots more of him in season two.

—Ichabod is totally adapting to the times, bitching about his outdated and "obsolete" flip-phone and asking for the new iPhone, even though he's annoyed by "the countless system updates." Word, brother-friend. Word.

—"Witness one, paging Witness two." Anyone else love how easily Abbie has adapted to her "Captial W" role, taking her part in the world's survival in stride when other TV characters would spend the entire season trying to come to grips with it? Anyone else just love Abbie in general?

—"Please, and risk it being worn ironically? By purveyors of artisanal marmalade who discovered it at a local thrift shop? I thank you no." Why Ichabod won't throw out his "ratty" coat after buying new clothes at a war reenactment. Hipsters be gone!

—How Ichabod and Abbie prove to each other that they aren't purgatory mindgames? A fist bump! And that's what we like to call an epic callback, people.

—Another amazing callback? The return of Yolanda! Well, her name anyway as Ichabod is not feeling Siri. "Yolanda was a much better listener," he complained.

So what did you think of the epic Sleepy Hollow finale? Were you as blown away as we were? Do you think Jenny survived the crash? And how the heck are Abbie and Ichabod going to get out of  their sticky situations?! Sound off in the comments!

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