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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Sunday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

Downton Abbey: Mary, Mary, quite contrary… how many men are in love with you?! Tonight Downton's most eligible widow received a very important question from a very handsome bachelor. Introducing Lord Gillingham: He's rich, kind and despite the fact that they just met, he's very keen on the idea of making the eldest Crawley daughter his wife. After taking a day to think about his proposal, Mary decided that she is not over the mourning of Matthew and is not ready to take a new husband. However, she quickly revealed to her father and Tom that she might regret that decision…

As for our recently traumatized Anna, she wouldn't let Bates touch her and to be honest we don't blame her. He pressed her for a reason, but she refused and instead asked Mrs. Hughes if she could move back into the house. Meanwhile, Edna desperately tried to convince Tom to propose to her claiming that she might be pregnant after their drunken hook up. Nice try, girl. The housekeeper found a book in Edna's room that teaches women how to have sex without getting pregnant. Tom refused to pop the question and Edna finally took the hint. 

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Revenge: Things in the Hamptons just got pretty damn crazy, ya'll! While in the hospital, Emily finally remembered who she is, but the details surrounding who shot her on her wedding night are still a mystery—at least for her. Emily planned on escaping the Hamptons and running off to have her happily ever after with Aiden, but when Em was sleeping, Victoria had her moved into the Grayson manor for round-the-clock treatment. Once again it's Nolan to the rescue! He filled his bestie in on the details surrounding the shooter and planted false evidence in her infinity box so that when Victoria got her grubby little hands on it, all she found were obsessive pictures and articles about Daniel.

Emily lied to Victoria and claimed that she has been lusting after Daniel and the wealth of their families for years and she doesn't want to lose what she has. In order to stay in the Grayson's inner circle, Emily held a press conference and lied to everyone when she revealed that it was Lydia who shot her. In order to still take down the Graysons, Emily broke up with Aiden and basically said that her thirst for revenge is stronger than her love for him. In the end, Emily is Victoria's right-hand-girl, Daniel is still super pissed that Emily is still his life and Aiden was off making out with Niko, Takeda's daughter that we never knew about until now.

The Following

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The Following: After months and months of waiting, we finally learned the fate of Claire. Although Ryan survived the brutal stabbing from a "Carroller" in the season one finale, Claire, unfortunately, was not so lucky. A year later, we saw that Ryan is sober, living in NYC, teaching criminology at a college and trying to have as normal of a life as possible. However when a band of Joe Carroll-masked miscreants slaughtered innocent people on a subway in the name of Joe, Ryan was once again pulled into the hunt.

We learned that over the past year, Ryan has become obsessed with finding out Joe's fate and after beating one of his follower to a pulp, he confirmed his suspicions: Joe Carroll survived the boat crash and is still out there ready to terrorize innocent people until he can enact his revenge.  

Shameless: Ready for a Gallagher family surprise?! In an attempt to get one of the kids to donate a part of their liver to Frank, Carl began testing all of the kids' blood types to see who could be a viable match for their pathetic patriarch. It turns out, Fiona is a match, but when Carl and Frank begged her to help an alcoholic out, she flat out refused. Can you blame her?! Now for the shocker: Frank said that he'll just ask his other daughter for a liver. When Fiona pointed out that Debbie is too young, Frank snidely revealed that he'd ask Fiona's older sister, Samantha. That's right, y'all, we've got ourselves another Gallagher coming to town this season!

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