Connie Britton, Emmy Awards, 2013

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Mothers of the world, prepare to seethe with envy, because Connie Britton totally had a better nanny than you.

Fun fact we just learned: Scandal star Katie Lowes, one of our favorite human beings, worked as a nanny for Connie Britton's son Eyob before scoring her big role on one of the most buzzed-about shows on TV. Talk about a small world!

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"Can you believe that?" Britton mused to E! News, before joking, "I was so upset when she got this little pilot. I think it was really pretty selfish on her part, I'll be honest."

As any Scandal fan can tell you, Lowes' character, Quinn, recently got a tooth yanked out of her mouth in one of Scandal's craziest torture scenes yet. When asked if working for Connie Britton is more or less torturous, Britton cracked: "I haven't gotten out my teeth pullers lately, but let's just say that Katie knew they were there. You know what I'm saying? I run a tight ship."

Oh, how we know. And that sense of humor is just another reason to love Mrs. Coach!

Speaking of her iconic role, Britton also told us she's not above using "blackmail" on her Friday Night Lights costars and boss Peter Berg to make the FNL movie happen, further proving she is a perfect human being.

Perhaps because of his early exposure to the awesome Katie Lowes and perhaps not, Britton also revealed that her son is basically a baby genius. "Well, he's talking up a storm. And he really enjoys it. And also now, he really likes to read his books to me even though he's only two. I try to remain humble about my incredible skills that have obviously created genius."

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