Car Flip, Texting Driver


We just want to start off this story by promising that no one gets injured in this video, except maybe the driver, who looks to have some bumps and bruises. Now that we cleared that up, let's mock this texting driver endlessly.

You should not be texting and driving. Ever. Would you want the people driving 2 ton killing machines to be looking at a tiny screen while they're zooming around you? No, you would not. And if you need more proof about how texting and driving can lead to serious danger, just watch this video.

We have never seen a more distracted driver in our life. Not only does he swerve between lanes and brake erratically, but he never notices that a cop is tailing him!

Michael James Woody Jr. of Fort Myers, Fla., (of course this happened in Florida) was reportedly texting while behind the wheel, and a Fort Myers police cruiser started following him when he noticed that Woody was driving like, to put it gently, a goddamn drunken idiot.

If the first minute of this video doesn't prove how distracted a texting driver can be, just wait for the magic moment. And that magic moment is when Woody makes a simple right hand turn. Sorry, let us rephrase. Woody wants to make a simple right hand turn, but instead he decides to swerve across three lanes, hit a tree and then flip upside down. That's probably not what he was going for.

Woody appears to be OK when he climbs out of the car, but sweet lord is he still holding his cell phone?! We can't.

Kids (and adults and everyone): don't text and drive! Show this video to any of your friends who think sending "lolz" to their friends is more important than, you know, looking at the road and steering the vehicle.

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