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The Vampire Diaries just can't seem to let go of its supporting men.

On the second day of our epic countdown to the landmark 100th episode, where we bring you our exclusive interviews with the stars, we're bringing you our chats with Michael Trevino, Steven R. McQueen and Zach Roerig, the CW series' resident hybrid, hunter and human, respectively. 

The trio of very good-looking, not offensive to our eyes at all men's characters have all been on the chopping block a lot through the five seasons. In fact, all of them have died. Fortunately, death has proved to be fleeting for many of Mystic Falls' towns members.

But are Trevino, McQueen and Roerig actually surprised to still be around? And are they offended by us even daring to ask that question?!

"Yes, absolutely. 100 percent," Trevino admitted when we asked if he's shocked Tyler lived to see the 100th episode. "I'm not offended by that at all. That's another reason I'm happy we're making 100 episodes. I figured Tyler, especially during season one, I didn't know where he was going."

Also surprised to see that his character is still alive? McQueen, who plays Elena's little bro Jeremy and has died several times on the show. "I'm surprised, I'm happy. For some reason, Jeremy gets knocked down, but he keeps on getting back up. I'm grateful," he told E! News. 

But Roerig isn't shocked that Matt Donovan, resident human, is still bussing tables and slinging drinks at the Grille.

"I hope that this doesn't seal my fate, but yes and no. At this point, I'm not surprised because the show has gone to so many different levels that they've taken it off the charts of reality and Matt's kind of the only source that anchors the show down," he said. "This sounds super cheesy, I know, but Matt's kind of the lighthouse in a crazy supernatural storm."

Looking back on their favorite scenes, Trevino chose one of Tyler's most memorable moments. 

"It's always going to be the first werewolf transformation for me because that was tough. It was hard. It was two days of filming, it was grueling and it was long," he said. "For me, personally as an actor, it was a lot to go through. I'm proud of that and it started the new transition of Tyler from werewolf to hybrid to being the Alpha male to being sired to Klaus."

And Roerig chose a scene fans are sure to remember (and cry just thinking about!) that featured the main cast together, saying goodbye to one of their own. 

"When Alaric [Matt Davis] walked out of the tomb and everyone was in the woods because it was one of the first times in a long time we'd all been together again," Roerig spilled. "And we all knew he was going to be leaving, even though that wasn't his exit. It was a moving night."

To hear more from the guys, and to see what happened when McQueen crashed Roerig's interview (hint: it got gassy!), watch the videos above!

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, Jan. 23, at 8 p.m. on the CW with its landmark 100th episode.

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