Puppy Snow Plough


There is no one happier on this planet than this dog bounding through his snow-covered yard. No one. We could live a thousand lifetimes and not be as happy as Kia the Jack Russell terrier. Even if those lifetimes consisted of being married to Chris Hemsworth while keeping Zac Efron on the side as a lover. Even if during those lifetimes, science invented a way for humans to eat Chinese food, donuts and baked mac and cheese without gaining an ounce.

Seriously, this dog is so happy. And that, in turn, makes us happy. Kia is apparently searching for her lost tennis ball and she has to bounce around to find it. She jumps in the snow and into our hearts at the same time!

Watch Kia's unbridled happiness in the video below. And after you're done watching, try and think back to a time where you were as happy as this dog in the snow. And if you can't think of a time you were that happy, maybe it's time to do something about that? We don't suggest going outside into the fresh air, because gross. We do, however, suggest a giant pizza followed by funfetti cupcakes. 

(H/T Daily Picks and Flicks)

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