Chris Pine, Jimmy Kimmel Live


After viewing this clip, you may end up feeling a bit of envy toward Jimmy Kimmel.

That's because the talk-show host was lucky enough to have none other than Chris Pine serenade him when the handsome actor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Jan. 16.

It all started when Kimmel commented on the fact that Meryl Streep had been a guest the night before and had informed him that Pine was "a great singer," having worked with him on the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's musical Into the Woods.

"She said that?! She told you that?" Pine incredulously replied before noting, "I'm a shower singer, for sure. But I have to tell you something. If you think you're a good singer in the shower, it's a big fat lie, because the acoustics of a bathroom are incredible."

Not surprising, Kimmel proceeded to hand the 33-year-old actor a microphone and coaxed him into doing a little crooning.

Pine then went on to impressively belt out "Fly Me to the Moon" while taking his host by the hand.

"I'm falling in love," Kimmel quipped.

Meanwhile, a non-singing Pine can be seen in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which hits theaters today.

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