Katie Holmes could soon be converting to the Church of Scientology.

The former Dawson's Creek star, who was raised Catholic, says she's studying up on the religion espoused by her boyfriend of not quite two months, Tom Cruise.

At the London premiere of Batman Begins Sunday, Holmes was asked if she was embracing Scientology. "Yes, I am, and I'm really excited about it," she told reporters, adding that she's begun taking classes.

Last week, the actress told Access Hollywood that she was a big fan of the faith.

"I have looked into it myself, and I really like it, and I think it's really wonderful," Holmes said.

Meanwhile, Cruise, 42, told Entertainment Weekly that Holmes, 26, "digs" the religion. Asked if he had become more outspoken about his beliefs recently, the actor replied, "I've always been passionate about it."

Holmes' potential conversion plans are just the latest buzz emanating from her much watched coupling with Cruise.

Since the twosome went public, very public, with their relationship in April, they have been the subject of frenzied media attention.

Last month, Cruise sent eyebrows skyrocketing with his now infamous appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, during which he bounded around the stage, springing on and off furniture, before sinking to the floor to declare his rapturous admiration for Holmes.

Following the Oprah appearance, a newly created Website called FreeKatie.net began hawking merchandise bearing the slogan "Free Katie" and proclaiming itself dedicated to "the movement to liberate Katie, a young, gifted actress held captive by forces we may never understand. Even one summer of captivity is too long for one so bright!"

However, according to Holmes, freedom from Cruise is the last thing she wants.

At the London premiere of Batman Begins, Holmes denied that she was bothered by the negative publicity surrounding her relationship.

"It doesn't hurt me at all. There are a lot of people really, really happy for us. It's really exciting. We are so happy. I don't really care about the critics," she told the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, while Holmes played it coy when asked if she had marriage on the mind during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Cruise was far more direct.

"It's gonna happen, man. It'll happen," he told Entertainment Weekly.

For her part, Holmes reportedly had a poster of Cruise on her wall as a girl and has said she grew up wanting to marry him.

Neither Cruise's former wife, Nicole Kidman, nor ex-girlfriend Penélope Cruz, made the conversion leap while involved with the Mission: Impossible star.

Before falling headlong into her love affair with Cruise, Holmes was engaged to Chris Klein, whom she dated for five years before the pair split up in February.

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