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Now that we're well into the new year, now is as good of a time as any to check in with those resolutions you set on Dec. 31.

Whether you're right on track, or have seemingly slipped off the band wagon already, we've got some motivational advice from Bill Rancic.

The restaurateur, business man, brand ambassador (he's currently a Rogaine Growth Coach and swears by the hair growth product) and TV personality has made a name for himself on achieving ambitious goals (he does have to keep up with wife Giuliana Rancic, after all!), so he certainly knows a thing or two about sticking to resolutions.

"I think a number of people fail when they set their new year's resolutions because let's face it, it's tough. They let fear get in the way and they don't remind themselves," Rancic said. "Giuliana and I sit down every year and discuss our goals to keep each other accountable. She wants to work a little bit less and take on more of that mom role this year, which is great."

Still need some motivation?

"I always tell people to get a legal pad and write down your goals and tape them on the bathroom mirror to remind yourself. "

Easy enough!

As for his resolutions this year, Rancic is all about self-improvement. "I want to be a good dad. That's certainly an important resolution for me. Duke is 16 months old and the role of dad has changed over the last decade. I want to spend more time with Duke and be as active as I can."

Not surprisingly, Rancic shared that he multitasks to achieve many of his goals, often times combining fitness with parenting. "I have a great jogger stroller. Duke comes with me on a lot of runs. I take him hiking in this cool backpack that he fits in and it's a lot of fun!"

Too cute!

Additionally, Rancic shared that he's always striving to look and feel his best, even if that means making sacrifices.

"Every year, I try to give up desserts. I'm clean from sugar and sweets and I set a very realistic goal for myself. Giuliana and I both eat clean, but we give ourselves one cheat day every seven days," he explained.

Bill, you make it look easy!

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