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Greetings and happy Friday, TV fans!

What a better way to end your work week with a bevy of spoilers for your favorite shows? There's really no better way, stop trying to think of one. Fine, you want to keep racking your brain? We'll be here…

Good, you're back. We've got scoop on a new Revenge houseguest; a family visit on The Crazy Ones and, of course, the best Vampire Diaries spoilers for you to sink your teeth into.

Shall we begin?

Sasha: Revenge me. Now!
A please would be nice, but we'll let this one slide just once. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is getting a new houseguest. Look for Javier, a young lad who just happens to be an accomplished hacker, to move into Nolan's pad for quite a while…he's under house arrest there.

Lauren K.: Cannot believe The Vampire Diaries is hitting 100 episodes! It feels like it just started. What can we expect next Thursday?

Flashbacks, familiar faces…and we're drawing a blank on another tease that starts with the letter F, sorry. Oh, how about family? There is one scene that features most of the cast together, a rare occurrence on the show, that we dare you not to smile during. As for the final scene? One of the series' best twists. Ever.

Beth: This season of Teen Wolf is the best yet! I'll take any scoop you've got on what's ahead.
Danger, danger! Starting halfway through the season, one of our beloved characters will be booking a permanent stay on the chopping block. Star Holland Roden tells us that a "very good friend" of Lydia's will be in a vulnerable position, and warns fans, "Brace yourselves, kids." Gulp.

Downton Abbey


Alex: I like to wait to watch Downton Abbey when it's on PBS here in the U.S. I know there are spoilers out there, but I don't want to be fully spoiled. Scoop, please?
Since you asked so nicely, here's a juicy one: Somebody's pregnant. Also, pigs are coming! That is all.

Shelley: I may have gotten teary when Cragen said his goodbyes to Olivia on Law & Order: SVU…Is Olivia in charge now?
is on fire this year, right? Look for Detective Sergeant Benson to get sworn in as the Special Victims Unit's new commanding officer in an upcoming episode.

Dave: The Crazy Ones on CBS is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. The cast is dynamite. Anything good I should expect?
Viewers will meet Andrew's six sisters in a later episode. They're described as "tough," "hard-drinking" and from the Southside of Chicago. Expect hilarity.

Maggie: Franklin and Bash is my favorite show. There, I said it. Now what can you tell me about the new season?
Look for two new faces when Franklin and Bash returns to TNT this summer. The show is currently casting two series regular roles. First up, there's Dan Mundy, the socially inept investigator who just so happens to be a cyber genius. There will be a new attorney at the firm too, Anita, described as a girl who can hold her own with the boys and has a great sense of humor.

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