Pippa Middleton

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Pippa Middleton is tackling an "intimidating" new hobby: urban cycling.

Kate Middleton's younger sister writes in her latest column for The Telegraph that as a little girl, she would ride her bike in the countryside around her home in Bucklebury. However, taking her skills to the busy London streets is an entirely different story.

"Urban cyclists intimidate me," the British beauty says. "I may mock them as geeks in their 'bib tights' (essentially Lycra dungarees), streamlined helmets and triple lens, wraparound sunglasses but, in truth, their hard-nosed attitude—some can be incredibly rude— and self-belief that they are the rightful rulers of the road makes me nervous."

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The 30-year-old explains that she wanted to see what all of the fuss was about since many of her friends use "a skinny-tyred road bike with ram-horn shaped handle bars and clip-in pedals" as their main mode of transportation. Even though Pippa describes the idea of being unable to put her feet down instantly a bit frightening, she dashed her fears and enlisted the help of former Olympian Jonathan Edwards.

As soon as Pippa saw her teacher, she learned the basic necessities for urban cycling are "a good-quality helmet, glasses to guard the eyes from dirt and gravel flicked up on the road, cycling trousers or shorts that should be padded (for comfort) and skin-tight (for warmth and an aerodynamic profile), and a windproof, 'breathable' shell top."

And she's off and ready to go!

Well, timidly at first, and trying to "maintain civilised conversation while avoiding pedestrians, potholes and puddles." And the uncertainty if she would "ever be able to stop."

Even though Pippa started losing feeling in her feet and fingers as they moved further into "professional territory"—a Gatorade helped treat that—she admits that she now has a slight change of heart about urban cyclists.

"I shall certainly be less intimidated by urban cyclists (at least those with manners) in the future after my brief initiation into their ways, and a road bike is now on my sporting accessories wish list."

Maybe for her birthday, or next Christmas?

"But right then, the only carbohydrate drink I was thinking about was a piping hot chocolate, perhaps with a shot of rum," Pippa added.

You deserve it, Pippa!

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