Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham

David Buchan/Getty Images; AKM-GSI

Must be a mom thing.

Drew Barrymore stepped out to promote her new book "Find It In Everything" wearing a strikingly similar style to the Burberry blouse Victoria Beckham wore this past fall.

The pregnant celeb sported a Top Shop top, but the full-coverage print and rosy hue are too similar not to notice. Maybe both A-listers are employing the power of positive dressing?

Drew's hearts make her bursting baby belly seem like a happier sight. For Posh, it simply makes pushing a heavy stroller a little less miserable.

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We hate to go negative when love is in the air, but this face-off needs a winner.

In terms of color, the Charlie's Angels actress is the easy winner. That bright pink stands out much more than Mrs. David Beckham's drab maroon. When it comes to heart size, though, we like the larger print on the designer's digs versus Drew's tiny shapes.

So then it comes down to a question of tucked or un-tucked. Considering pregnant Drew has no chance of squeezing that fabric into her pants, we're going to award her an honorary win.

What's your take?

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