Conan OBrien, Illegitimate Son

YouTube, James Sorensen/NBC

Greg Keating isn't Conan O'Brien's son. But in this case looks are definitely deceiving.

In a video that just had to go viral, the 20-year-old Keating—a young O'Brien lookalike if there ever was one—presents his case for being the late-night host's long-lost kid.

Saying that he spent his whole life "confused," the New Jersey college student shows a picture of his "dad," a guy who doesn't look like him, and then hunches over in mock-rage insisting that "nobody gets it!"

"I never fit in with my family," Keating continues. "My mother conceived me in 1993. She worked in New York as a producer for ill-fated NBC News at Sunrise. Located in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, it was only three floors above the Late Night studio. Despite her hard work and dedication, she was fired from her job when she got pregnant."

Alas, Keating's deep voice sounds nothing like O'Brien's, which is of a decidedly higher pitch, but we're listening...

"I was born with a full head of red hair," he goes on in a very serious tone. "In middle school, children would make fun of my pale skin and resemblance to Finnish Prime Minister Tarja Halonen [she was actually the president]. High school wasn't any easier for me: I was awkard around girls and a horrible dancer."

True, not everyone appreciates a good string-pulling-and-cutting dance.

Keating then tells O'Brien he wants to "dominate late-night television" together—"or we could just go fishing," he adds.

Pointing out that the Conan host needs the "warm embrace' of his son and he needs "an easier financial pattern through college," Keating declares his love for the tall redhead.

But while we can't imagine O'Brien not calling out Keating on his show (or inviting his döppelganger to make an appearance!), the happily married father was happy to at least set the record straight via Twitter.

"A kid in New Jersey is falsely claiming to be my illegitimate son," Conan tweeted yesterday. "For the record, I have three children: NeveBeckett, and @RonanFarrow."

The Twitter-savvy Farrow approved with a retweet.

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