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Now that Kaley Cuoco is (did you possibly hear?) a married woman, will she keep her steady job on The Big Bang Theory for at least another season, or get a little quality nesting time?

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler reveals that the 2014-15 season fates of Big Bang Theory and Two and Half Men have yet to be decided, but Big Bang is looking good for at least another season.

Not crazy surprising, given that it's the highest-rated comedy currently airing on television for the current 2013-2014 season.

"We have that question every year," Tassler says of Big Bang's fate, "and that's what happens when you have long-term success…We have a great relationship with Warner Brothers and having four Chuck Lorre shows on the air, is great…So far all of them have worked out. So that's a good indication of where that's heading…It will be decided in May."
If Two and a Half Men were to end this year, Tassler says she "hopes" the Ashton Kutcher/Jon Cryer comedy would get a final sendoff. "We try to and hopefully we will have an opportunity to do that, but we try."

Tassler also revealed that How I Met Your Father, the spinoff of How I Met Your Mother, was pitched to her by the show's creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays (not the other way around). And the new series, starring Lindsay Fonseca, will closely follow the original HIMYM structure.
"Craig and Carter really broke new ground in terms of developing a new form of comedy and a new mythology and they wanted to keep that going," Tassler explains. "Obviously they're tweaking it somewhat but they just came in with a great pitch, great characters, much like how they did with How I Met Your Mother. In this regard, it is a spinoff. It is Carter and Craig and they are bringing in Emily Spivey, but the way the show is structured and the way the story is told, the way the characters will come to learn about the dad it does follow in form like How I Met Your Mother."
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