This is ganja be good: Anderson Cooper recently called out CNN reporter Randi Kaye on live television for being (contact) high while reporting from Colorado about marijuana legalization.

Which means we got to see how many weeds puns Anderson could make in one segment! 

"For starters, she showed us what an eighth of an ounce of pot looks like," Anderson explains of Randi's weeklong investigation. "By Friday, Randi had gotten very comfortable and had gotten a very thorough bud-ucation."

Randi concluded the week with a marijuana tour ("like wine tours in Napa"), where a cannabis concierge escorted her and a limo full of people (who were actively getting stoned) around to various dispensaries.

"Being a resourceful reporter, Randi of course got in contact with some sources. She got in a lot of contact," Anderson jokes.

When asked how extensive her research was, Randi replied, "You know, Anderson, it was top notch. My brain was a little fuzzy by the time I got out of there...I couldn't remember some of the questions I wanted to ask in the interview. And I found things to be really funny. Much funnier than I normally do."

She concludes, "So I think we got a little bit of a contact high there."

The best part of the interview was when Anderson asked her if she was thinking about moving to Colorado permanently now, to which Randi giggled a bit and then replied, "I think I need to come home."

"Just to be clear, I'm not taking potshots at Randi Kaye here," Anderson explains. "It's just that many of us in the newsroom thought this was pretty much the greatest live hit that was ever on the program and a true career highlight for someone who is always outstanding in her field. 

Anderson Cooper Pun Tally: 5.

Though, we do wish it had been Anderson himself reporting from the field. We all know how that would have turned out...

Anderson Cooper GIF


Can we Kickstart this? How do we make this happen? 

(H/T Gawker)

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