Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas

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There's no beef between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas (unless you count their date night burgers, that is)!

The redheaded royal, 29, and his stunning blond love, 24, chowed down at Byron Hamburgers in Kensington on Monday, Jan. 13. A source told People the couple appeared to be "having a good time" at the casual dining chain, making British tabloid reports predicting a Harry and Cressy breakup seem null.

The Mirror claimed that after having spent December 2013 mostly apart (Harry was trekking across the South Pole while Cressy was reportedly in the Caribbean), the pair had begun to "drift apart." An unidentified source went so far as to say that "talk of Harry and Cressida getting married could not be further from the truth," and that while the prince "is incredibly fond of Cressida and loves her company," he "has commitments and plans in other areas of his life that could be jeopardized by settling down."

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Fortunately, a source tells E! News Harry and Cress are most definitely not heading for a split. There were even reports that Cressida was going to attend the prince's "informal" New Year's party at Queen Elizabeth II's Sandringham estate Norfolk, and some were speculating that this might be when Harry hoped to propose to his gorgeous girlfriend.

No need to rush into anything, though! Prince William and Kate Middleton have already produced a royal heir (Prince George, as you, of course, already knew), so the pressure's off Harry to get married and procreate. And, as an insider told E! News back in October 2013, "it it's only a matter of time" before Harry asks Cressy to be his princess.

-Reporting by Melanie Bromley

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