Rose McGowan

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Crackle

FYI Rose McGowan, there are way easier ways to tell the paparazzi that you don't want to talk.

We assume the Charmed alum was going for silent street performer chic in this sexy mime attire. The stripes are just right. The pants are perfect. The only thing that's missing is white face makeup and a black beret! Oh, and five more inches of fabric right around the waist...

Of course, if this isn't some attempt at a modern Marcel Marceau, we can't get behind the attire. Those jail-stripes are over-played (thanks to Robin Thicke). The cropped top is on its way out (especially ones showing that much skin). And baggy trousers are barely flattering on a french man (our apologies to the late, great mime...).

Frankly, we'd prefer if this look got stuck in a not-so-invisible box and shipped off to the Salvation Army.

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