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Jennifer Lopez may not be ready to walk down the aisle for a fourth time, but that doesn't mean boyfriend Casper Smart is any less significant in her life.

While speaking to reporters at the American Idol panel during the Winter TCA press tour, the 44-year-old star opened up about her personal life, including twins Max and Emme, her two-year relationship with her backup dancer beau, and whether she ever plans to say "I do" again.

The busy mama revealed that her life is a constant balancing act, noting the "kids come first" while adding that she has a "great team" of people who help her juggle her hectic schedule.

And a key player is boyfriend Casper Smart, who, according to J.Lo, "absolutely" helps the A-lister balance her work and home life.

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Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart

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But the actress's admission was just the start of the singer gushing over her hunky man, as she continued, admitting that Smart is wonderful with her children.

"Fantastic," she replied when asked whether Casper is a good father figure. "I don't like the word father figure, but he's fantastic with the kids and he helps me very much with my work. It was his idea, he knew I had the idea to do 'Same Girl,' and go shoot that in the Bronx and he was like, 'When are we going to be in New York again? Come on I'll do it with you, let's go do it. Let's put that dream down for you.' And he basically produced it with me, so he's fantastic in that way."

While J.Lo may have found love with Smart (despite the duo's 18-year age difference), her road to romance was a rocky one, and she recalls going on tour with her kids after her 2011 divorce from former husband Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart

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"That was such a transformative year for me anyways," she revealed. "I had just divorced and I went on tour with the kids and I left Idol and it was like all of my security blankets were out and gone and I was doing something that I had never done before. So my goal was to not just come out the other side and survive it, but it was to grow as a human being as well as an artist and I felt that I did and I learned a lot."

And one of the things she's learned about herself is that she prefers to be in a relationship.

"I'm one of those people who does not like to be alone," she confessed. "I have no shame saying that at this point in my life, I think we have to own who we are."

But that doesn't mean the thrice-divorced star is ready to get married again.

Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez

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"I don't know," she replied when asked if she wants to wed for a fourth time. "I don't know, maybe, we'll see, I don't know. I always believe in that institution, my parents were married for a very long time, they were married for 35 years. I believe in it, it's difficult. I've had my challenges but at the same time I believe in love and I think that that's the main thing."

In the meantime, the mother of two is focusing on her twins, who turn 6 next month, while revealing that her tots may be taking after mommy and daddy's musical talents.

"I think Max has an incredible ear for hip records...He loves music and Emme, I think sings," she said before adding, "I don't want to put anything on them in any way."

The pop star also confessed Max and Emme are "very different," saying "Max is a lot like Marc and Emme is a lot more like me."

—Reporting by Leanne Aguilera

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