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Word of advice to prospective Bachelor contestants: Stay away from the alcohol!

Need proof? Just watch Monday night's episode of the ABC reality hit, which featured one of Juan Pablo Galavis' ladies getting completely inebriated during the two-hour episode, which ultimately resulted in her exit. Remember, drink too much booze and you'll probably lose, ladies!

So what led to the contestant's drunken meltdown? And how did the Venezuelan Bachelor react to her antics? We run down the episode's craziest moment, as well as the night's frontunners. Plus, we reveal the three ladies who didn't receive roses and were sent home broken-hearted...

Craziest Moment: Arguably one of the craziest moments of the series in recent history, Victoria's complete meltdown during the group date, which was a slightly scandalous photo shoot for Best Friends Animal Society, left us with our jaws on the floor and filled with secondhand embarrassment. After drinking way too much, the legal assistant was a total mess, slurring her words and saying things like, " "This is how I am sober. If Juan Pablo is mine, I'm going to straddle him everyday. 'Cause life is about straddling. People and things."

Oh, it gets worse. Upset over not getting any one-on-one time with Juan Pablo, Victoria then locked herself in a bathroom stall (after twerking, naturally) before attempting to leave the show. Producers, of course, stop the barefoot and bikini'd Victoria, who ended up having to spend the night at a hotel after the frustrated Bachelor asked the other women to make sure she got home OK. 

Completely embarrassed when Juan Pablo visited her the following morning, Victoria apologized for "setting off the crazy train" and said she probably drank too much. Um, you think?!

Eliminated Ladies: Shockingly enough, Victoria didn't even make it to the cocktail party as Juan Pablo sent her packing at the end of his visit with her after her drunken shenanigans. Also going home? Amy, the reporter, and Chantel, an account.

Frontrunners: Though he didn't get her the rose on the group date (opting to give it to Kelly instead), it's clear that Juan Pablo is very interested in Nikki the nurse. He also seemed super into Clare, who had the honor of going on the first one-on-one date of the season. Oh, and she also was the first lady to kiss Juan Pabs.  Well done, girl!

Plus, Andi, one of our favorites, who was clearly uncomfortable with the lack of clothing she was given for the group photo shoot, received support from Juan Pablo, who ended up participating in the nude shoot to make her feel more at ease. Let's also not count out Cassandra, who was the second lady to kiss Juan Pablo this season, though he broke Sean Lowe's rule and did it in front of the other girls. Rookie mistake!

Quote of the Night: "Today I gave him the hymen maneuver." Yeah, Victoria meant to say "Heimlich maneuver." 

What did you think of Monday night's episode? Were you surprised to see Juan Pablo send Victoria home early? Sound off in the comments!

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