Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is fine with you calling her a lesbian—but don't call her ugly!

The singer and gay rights advocate tweeted Sunday, Jan. 12, that she gets "called an ugly lesbian a lot more than one would think. Or maybe not." She then suggested if those name-callers could "atleast call me an interesting lesbian" because she "hate(s) the U word."

Amen to that! A fan Twitter account reminded Miley to not "give a s--t" about anyone calling her an  "ugly lesbian," reassuring her, " we are all milesbians for you doll!" (The Queen of Twerk seemed amused by this, replying to the account with an "lol" and friendly smiley.)

Miley, 21, wasn't just thinking about the name callers on Sunday, though. She had what she described as an #emo night—listening to "Sometimes" by Britney Spears "on repeat" and Christina Aguilera's amazing 2002 album Stripped.

Some fans began to wonder if everything was OK, so Miley reassured her Smilers she's "not really that emo ;)." (Phew.)

She also asked the Twitterverse," why are people sooooo seriousoooo?", told the paparazzi  to "Suck a fat Eggplant," and ultimately decided, "I love being alone on sundays."

See, y'all? Miley Cyrus is just like us!

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