Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Golden Globes 2014

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

When it comes to awards shows, sometimes the best stuff never gets televised.

Such was the case at Sunday night's 2014 Golden Globe Awards, where viewers missed a few moments in which many of their favorite celebs acted in a way that didn't involve a script.

Take Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, for instance, who found themselves getting pretty playful with each other.

In fact, in one shot, the knockout actress appeared as if she was interested in knocking out her American Hustle costar.

Fortunately though, Coop's handsome mug was spared as the two simply wound up embracing.

But the pretty pair weren't the only ones who were candidly caught on camera.

Check out more memorable moments in our Big Stars, Candid Moments gallery!

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