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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Sunday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

Golden Globes The biggest TV event on Sunday night? The 2014 Golden Globe Awards! While Breaking Bad took him the prize for Best Drama, the Comedy category saw a major upset when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was named the winner. Plus, its leading man Andy Samberg also came away a surprise winner! Get the full list of winners here.

Downton Abbey: Can we send Law & Order: SVU's Olivia Benson to Downton Abbey? Green, a visiting valet, assaulted and raped Anna after leering at her all episode. While the staff and residents of Downton Abbey listened to visiting Dame Nellie Melba, Anna was raped downstairs. She confided in Mrs. Hughes and pleaded with her not to tell Mr. Bates for fear of him killing Green and getting sent to jail.

Meanwhile, Mary showed more signs of life when she took an interest in Anthony Gillingham. Plus, Edith's special friend Michael Gregson gained favor with Robert after he won back his poker winnings. Yes, Robert, who is always fretting about the funds to keep Downton Abbey running, lost a lot of dough in card game. Man, somebody needs to put a clamp on that wallet.

Girls, Lena Dunham, Adam Driver

HBO/Jessica Miglio

Girls: In the season three premiere, we finally found out where the hell Jessa has been: rehab! Unfortunately, her stint didn't last too long as she was kicked out after, um, hooking up with a fellow patient, played by Orange Is the New Black star Danielle Brooks.

 Elsewhere, Marnie attempted to move on with her life after being dumped by Charlie. Which meant a crappy new apartment and a job at Cafe Grumpy alongside Ray. At least Hannah seemed to be doing quite well for herself, despite the whole receiving a verbal smackdown from Adam's ex, Natalia.

Revenge: RIP, Emily and Aiden's relationship! Our heroine called it quits with her British beau after she decided to stay in the Hamptons to exact revenge on the Graysons, a decision he was so not down with. And he was fast to move on, hooking up with his recently-resurfaced ex, Niko. The only problem? Her father is Takeda, Aiden's former mentor who he recently killed. Awkward!

So why did Emily decide to stay after being shot by Daniel on their wedding night? (Ugh, he's still the worst, so we yes, we totally cheered when Jack punched him!) Because she can't have children of her own due to her injuries. To make sure she kept her position in the Grayson family (much to their dismay), she held a press conference, claiming Lydia shot her. Well played, Ems. Well played.

The Good Wife: Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos were on the same side ... and were still at each other's throats. Alicia represented one defendant and Will the other, with Alicia's getting jail time.

Kalinda tried to mend her friendship with Cary after she burned him by lying and saying she'd join his firm. Cary got back at her -- he's such a sly fox -- by paying a bartender to spill his drink, then texting himself info he knew Kalinda would take back to Will. In doing so, Kalinda helped secure a new client for Cary and Alicia. After all this, Kalinda and Cary wen to grab a drink together -- no ulterior motives ... that we know of.

Meanwhile, the election fraud from the end of season four reared its ugly head again as Marilyn began her investigation. Alicia confronted Peter and he claimed innocence. Alicia's mama bear came out and said Peter must take care of it for fear of Zach getting involved with a federal investigation. You all remember Zach was the reason the election fraud came to light to begin with, right!? Marilyn questioned Will, who was representing Peter at the time along with Alicia, and Will deferred to Peter, claiming attorney/client privilege. But when the two finally got in the same room, Will essentially said he'd lie about Peter's knowledge and involvement with the election rigging. Peter wouldn't waive his attorney/client privilege for fear of what Will would say. Marilyn concluded her investigation: "Peter's in trouble, Eli. He's in trouble for one reason: Will Gardner."

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