Nina Dobrev, People's Choice Awards

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Breaking news: The Vampire Diaries may find itself in need of a new leading lady soon!

Why? Because their current heroine Nina Dobrev is looking to escape to Australia...for good!

We can only assume she was joking, but Nina spent her holiday break from the hit CW series in Australia with two of her close girlfriends and told us that she enjoyed her time so much, she was considering drastic measures to stay. 

"Towards the end of it, I was having so much fun I was like, 'So how do we make up a fake death or kidnapping? So something happened, there was tragedy, she didn't she's just not coming back,'" Nina told E! News. "That way I can live an incognito life and become a hippie with dreadlocks...a gypsy in Australia traveling my way around the country. Seriously, one night, I was like, ' do I make this happen?'"

So what was it about Australia that won Nina's heart? 

"I had been once before for work for a very short period of time and I fell in love with it, so that's why I wanted to go back again. I felt like I was living a real-life movie, like every day the three of us girls didn't think it could get any better," she gushed. "Like every day, it was like, 'This is the best day ever!' And then the next day would be better and better and better. And after 14 days of awesomeness, I feel like I'm still high on that excitement. We went on an awesome, cool adventure."

And Nina, who loves to travel, admitted she can't even think of another place she'd like to go next after her fun in the sun. "After going to Australia it's hard to go anywhere after that. I want to move there. I'm obsessed with it. It's like Dorothy in Oz. I'm in Oz. I'm in love with Oz," she said. 

And though we think (and hope!) Nina was kidding about faking her own death to become an Australian hippie (that would be a great Lifetime movie though, no?), she did admit she waited until the morning of the People's Choice Awards to leave.

"I almost missed the People's Choice Awards!" No, I actually didn't almost miss the People's Choice Awards, but I definitely booked my flight to the last possible moment," she spilled.

And we're sure The Vampire Diaries fans are glad she made it back in time to accept the award for "Best Chemistry" with costar and exboyfriend Ian Somerhalder as the two joked about their breakup on stage. "It's just honest," Nina told us of the talked-about PCA moment. "All it was was just honest. You call a spade a spade."

To hear more from Nina about her amazing time in Australia, watch the rest of our interview with the gorgeous TVD star in the video above!

Nina sat down with us to talk about The Vampire Diaries' milestone 100th episode, which airs Thursday, Jan. 23 on the CW, and we'll have a big blowout of scoop and interviews from her and the rest of the cast as the episode approaches—on E! Online and E! News.

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