For most people, one of the top New Year's resolutions is to lose weight and/or get in shape.

Unfortunately, it's also one of the most commonly broken resolutions as well, according to Time, which reported that 60% of gym memberships go unused and the heightened gym attendance we see at the start of the new year is back to normal by mid-February.

So, how do you stay on track with your fitness resolution goals?

According to celebrity fitness trainer, Kathy Kaehler, who has trained the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Julia Roberts among many other celebs, one of the best ways is to be realistic and consistent with those ambitions.

"I think people overshoot their goals, especially this time of year," Kaehler told us. "If they've never gone to the gym and then they say, ‘I'm going to the gym seven days a week,' within a couple weeks it doesn't work anymore. So, I think being realistic is the key to a program that ends up being your lifestyle."

We Are The Millers, Jennifer Aniston

And consistency, she said, is what has gotten some of her current and former clients the bodies they are famous for.

"I started working out with Jennifer [Aniston] when she started Friends, and she was not in a regular fitness program. So, getting her to be consistent was really key, as was introducing her to exercise and variations of exercise."

"Fitness is now a part of her life," she continued. "And we can see that [Jennifer] is someone who takes care of herself, works out and watches what she eats."

"That's the message. Exercise has to be consistent. It's not just about getting ready for summer or spring break or your wedding. It's really about ‘I'm doing this for life.' And all of these girls that I've trained—Drew, Jennifer, Julia—they all have taken this on as a part of them."

Jennifer's consistent fitness work has certainly paid off—just look at her bangin' beach bod in Mexico recently, or her striptease in We're the Millers.



Creating a lifestyle out of consistent workouts means doing some sort of exercise most days of the week, such as every other day or Monday through Friday, Kaehler said, keeping in mind that the effort you put in determines what you will get out of it.

"You can start by getting more fit and getting out and walking," she said. "Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do, because you can do it anywhere, you don't need anything but a pair of shoes and you can do it at your own pace. I always say start with a mile and see how long it takes you."

A great way to jump start your fitness plan is with Wii Fit U—a new Nintendo game that incorporates the Wii U console and Wii Balance Board, and offers a fun alternative to trudging away on a treadmill for hours on end.

In one of the games called the core luge for example, players can target their abdominal muscles as they twist and turn to help get their character down a ski slope, or they can work up a sweat with some of the other work out activities within the game, such as yoga, strength training, salsa dancing, etc.

Nintendo's new Fit Meter, which syncs up to the game, also tracks how many calories you've burned, plus tracks other daily activities like steps you take throughout the day.

When it comes to calorie burning, you can also use the Wii Fit U to select which foods you may have eaten that you want to burn off—such as an ice cream cone or a bag of chips, for example.

@Hazel_De_Grande tweeted us that her 2014 resolution is to "lose 10-15 lbs before senior year."

Aside from the other tips we've mentioned, a good way to achieve that goal is to focus on one pound at a time—instead of the entire weight loss goal.

"We set out a maximum amount with a goal, but how does that break down? One pound is 3500 calories. So, that might be a way to look at it—Okay I'm going to focus on one pound, so how am I going to make that work for me," the fitness guru continued.

When it comes to diets and healthy meal plans, Kaehler said preparation is key--prepare your healthy meals ahead of time so you're not caught out starving with no healthy foods to choose from.

"I've always told my clients prepare at the top of the week," she said. "I did this program called Sunday Set Up where you you prep your healthy foods ahead of time. Not necessarily made into meals, but, boiling some eggs or cutting up some brocolli, so at least you have a quick protein snack you can take with you or toss into a salad."

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