Rocket Mascot Scares Rockets Players

You'd think it might take a lot to scare a group of guys who average around 6-foot-7 in the height department.

Ha, not at all!

While usually there to inspire, the Houston Rockets' beloved mascot, Clutch the Bear, opted to shake things up—quite literally--following a recent team practice, a prank thankfully captured on video for the world to enjoy.

As the players file into the gym at around 9 a.m., all seems normal—if Clutch is normally standing sentry the door, which the big, motionless bear is doing on this particular morning.

Flash forward to 12:30 p.m. when practice is over.

The still-unsuspecting players start filing out, only to be scared out of their sneakers when the previously immobile Clutch suddenly lunges toward them!

Clutch's first victims are Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin, the former getting quite a bit of air between himself and the floor as they dodge out of the way. Seconds later, both are already laughing it off, but they obviously both got quite the jolt.

Solo and in pairs, the guys come through the door and are treated to one last heart-pumping jolt as Clutch "chuckles" and looks increasingly pleased with himself, even when some of the fellas fight back and take playful swings at him.

James Harden managed to hang onto his plate of food, good for him.

Best of all, however, is big man Dwight Howard's very over-the-top reaction, which includes a crotch kick. Watch and enjoy! 

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