Kid Love List


Damn! 8-year-olds are perverts!

Author Ted Scheinman tweeted this napkin o' knowledge, explaining it is "the best thing you will read all day: two of my sister's 2nd graders on ‘how to fall in love.'" Spoiler alert: Falling in love requires all of the sex. All of it. 

Well, definitely more than you'd expect a grade schooler to know about.

Kid Love List


The full guide:

1. First you stare at the person.

2. You get close to each other.

3. You ask for a date.

4. You go in bed and do sex.

5. When you kiss you suck and lick.

6. Get nacked [sic] in bed and do more sex.


8. Go dance and put your noses together.


10. Then kiss forever.

11. Take a shower together and kiss.

12. Give each other rings.

13. Go to the pool together.

We can only image what items 14-24 would include. If we had to guess it would be more sex.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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