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The Golden Globes, aka the show where everyone smiles and laughs a lot more than usual, kicks off this Sunday. Celebs from both TV and movies will be swarming the red carpet, taking photos, doing interviews and complaining about how they haven't had anything to eat all day. (Need a burrito quickly? LA's got you). Some people find the red carpet shows more entertaining than the actual ceremony (you do know that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting again, right?), so this is our open letter to the stars attending to the Golden Globes so they don't let you down.

We have but a few simple rules to follow if you want to not suck on the red carpet. They're all super easy to remember, but have your assistant put a reminder in your iPhone if you must. As part of E!'s Official Guide to Awards Season, we present six guidelines:

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1. Be Jennifer Lawrence, Or Just Be Like Her: JLaw rules the red carpet. She mixes up her fashion choices. She's engaged and funny in her interviews. She isn't afraid to look stupid. And she's definitely not afraid of telling you how she feels at that moment. If she's hungry, she'll tell you. If she's annoyed by your question, she'll tell you. If she wants to photobomb someone, she'll do it. In short: we are always excited when she hits the carpet. 

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2. Don't Act Blasé: Even if this is your sixth red carpet in three days and you've been to this particular award show tons of times before, please don't look bored or above it all. People at home have been waiting to see you walk the red carpet and do interviews, so try and remember that you are paid lots of money to be an actor/actress and at least pretend you are honored and excited to be there. 

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3. Bring a Parent or Your Kids as Your Date: Seriously, we are suckers for that kind of thing. If you bring your equally hot and rich significant other, it feels like you're rubbing it in our faces. We get it, Anna Farris and Chris Pratt! You are both beautiful, hilarious and awesome. 

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4. Wear Something Different: While we do appreciate beautiful couture gowns and expertly designed suits, sometimes we want to see someone pull a Björk. Nobody wears swans anymore! Either people applaud your brave choice and we can talk about it for a couple of days, or people will mock your bad fashion decisions and we'll still talk about it for days. 

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5. Offer Fun Tidbits in Interviews: Of course, this rule depends a lot on who's doing the interview, but if at all possible, make the short interview worthwhile. We know your excited and honored to be nominated and we know your humbled by the success of your movie/TV show. Hell, we even know how much fun you had with your talented cast! But c'mon, give us the goods! A behind-the-scenes story about said movie or TV show works just fine, especially if it involves someone not wearing pants! Also, if you are part of an upcoming project that people are really anxious for, drop some info about it. Looking at you, X-Men: Days of Future Past cast, everyone on American Horror Story: Coven and Taylor Swift!

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6. Be Adorable With Other Celebs: We're envious of celebs pretty much all the time, but nothing puts us more into a jealous rage than when two celebrities manage to be awesome together. Don't even get us started on Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Anyway, when stars interrupt other interviews to talk to their famous friend, we can't get enough of that s—t. It's gold.

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When In Doubt, Be a Gif: Awards come and go, but a GIF on the Internet lives forever. Before you do something on the carpet, ask yourself: 'will this be a GIF-able moment?' If the answer is yes, do it. You'll be all over Tumblr, Twitter and what have you. And that thing you did that people deemed worthy enough to make a GIF out of will be used in future online posts such as this one.

Remember celebrities, you are here to entertain us. So try and do just that or we'll make sure to use only unflattering pics of you from the red carpet. Except you, Kerry Washington. There's no such thing as an unflattering pic of you.

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