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Confession: We'd gladly drop and give you twenty thousand pushups if it meant that we'd get to keep watching Enlisted, Fox's hilarious new comedy, which debuts tonight.

When super-soldier Pete Hill, played by Ben and Kate's Geoff Stults, is demoted from front-of-the-line duty to Rear Detachment (aka Rear D) he's forced to reconnect with his two screw-up wannabe-soldier brothers: Derrick, played by Veronica Mars' Chris Lowell, and Randy, played by Suburgatory's Parker Young. Enlisted follows the quirky, and at times chaotic, lives of these three brothers who are trying to work together, live together and hopefully rekindle their childhood bond without killing each other.

Listen up, soldiers because we've got five reasons why we love this refreshingly fun new series and we're not going to repeat them! (Okay let's be real, we'd totally repeat them because we can't stop gushing about this show.)

1. The Super-Soldier: Pete is used to being surrounded by the very best, but when his temper caused him to K.O. a colonel he was forced to join Rear D. (It's kind of like the island of misfit toys, but for soldiers.) Although Pete can be overly cocky and judgmental, his brothers have always had a special place in his heart—he just hates to admit it. Stults shines as the leader of this group and we're so excited to finally see him on a show that is worthy of his great comedic skills.

2. The Sarcastic One: Just like Piz on Veronica Mars, Lowell's new character, Derrick, will bring a huge smile to your face in each and every scene. Derrick has a classic cast of middle sibling syndrome meaning he's got an extra dash of sarcasm built directly into his DNA. No seriously, look it up. He's not afraid to stand up to Pete and he's certainly not afraid to shut down Randy when he's doing something incredible idiotic—like blowing up a tank.

3. The Ladies Man: Randy is the youngest of the three brothers and he's without a doubt the most enthusiastic soldier in all of Rear D—he's just not the most talented. No worries though, what he lacks in coordination he's makes up for tenfold in wooing the ladies. For those of you who fell in love with Young on Suburgatory, get excited because Randy is pretty much exactly like Ryan Shay, only this time you'll get to see a lot more of his handsome face on your TV screens.

4. The Goon Platoon: It's up to Pete to take a group full of misfits and turn them into a rough and tumble group of mini super-soldiers. The only problem? They're hysterically hopeless. Our personal favorite is Cindy, the sweet pint size girl who's surprising packed with a whole lot of aggression. (She's going through a divorce.)

5. Brotherly Love: If there's only one thing you need to know about this new comedy, it's that the bond between these three brothers is incredibly realistic. They insult each other, make fun of their quirks, and try to win each and every argument. There's also a lot of wrestling. Basically it's just like your house! (We're just assuming here) And "Hands on heads" will without a doubt be your new favorite sibling greeting. It's how the brothers have said I love you since they were kids. Awww!

Enlisted premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. on FOX

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