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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Thursday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

Parks and Recreation: It's a boy! That's right, Ann Chris are having a tiny, probably perfect baby boy. We're literally beaming over this news from the charming NBC comedies' landmark 100th episode.

Meanwhile, Leslie Knope struggled with giving up her city council seat to Ingrid. They almost harmonized and Leslie was thisclose to hatching another city council election plan, but Ben hired his old boss Jennifer Barkley to give Leslie some advice: Congress, state senate, go bigger than Pawnee. It seems like Leslie will take it, but first she and Ben jetted off to Paris for a romantic vacation. Cue the "awww!"

Oh and Jerry Larry is now Lenny? Perfect. Here's to 100 more episodes of perfection!

Project Runway All Stars: After weeks and weeks of sewing their hearts out, it's time for one Project Runway designer to be crowned the best of the best. 

So who was season three's big winner: Korto, Ellen or Seth Aaron?! Congratulations are in order for season seven winner Seth Aaron, who made it work and took home the win, with Korto coming in second and Ellen placing third. 

The Big Bang Theory: Good news for fans of Leonard and Penny's relationship: The couple did not split after he turned down her spontaneous proposal in last week's episode. Phew! But it wasn't all smooth sailing as the two battled it out after Penny quit her job at the Cheesecake Factory (end of an era much?!), which Leonard thought was a mistake. But in the end, Leonard told Penny he supported her decision and they sealed their make-up with milkshakes...with Sheldon, naturally. 

Parenthood, Matt Lauria

Vivian Zink/NBC

Parenthood: No, we're not crying. We were just chopping an onion when a tree branch happened to fall in our eye!

But seriously, how intense was tonight's episode, especially with Joel saying he doesn't think his marriage with Julia can be fixed after the Ed kiss. Nooo! Why you gotta be so mean, Parenthood? And if that couple's possible demise wasn't enough, tonight seemed to be the end of Amber and Ryan's relationship, with Ryan heading back to the war. (Matt Lauria, please stay on our TVs forever. Our fingers and toes are crossed for Ryan's safe return!) At least Zeke was there to comfort her, saying, "If I say it's going to be OK then it's going to be OK."

Community: Rest in peace, Pierce. Though Chevy Chase is no longer on the show, his polarizing character, a master heart attack faker, was pronounced dead by Shirley at the end of tonight's episode. For real. 

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