Los Angeles Now Has a Burrito Vending Machine, Which Makes It Number One in Automatic Burrito Systems

A machine that dispenses burritos, called BurritoBox, has hit Southern California

By Jenna Mullins Jan 09, 2014 9:42 PMTags
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"An ATM that dispenses cupcakes? Psh. Please. Come back to us when you have something that we'll actually use more than once a week."

We said that out loud once, and the universe has answered our prayers. With what? Why, with a burrito vending machine. Say it again with us: burrito vending machine.

Los Angeles, home of caviar vending machines, cupcake ATMs and other things we almost certainly want but most definitely don't need, is now the proud owner of a BurritoBox. That's a vending machine that gives you burritos automatically, the way man intended burritos to be consumed.

Sure, it sounds a touch sketchy (although the website says they use hormone and antibiotic-free ingredients), but what's overcoming your fear of a little food poisoning when you can have the convenience and pleasure of getting burritos through a vending machine?

You can't really customize it like at Chipotle, but there are a variety of burritos to choose from, like egg and cheese, shredded beef and cheese, chicken with beans and rice, and our personal favorite: chorizo sausage. You can also get a side of sour cream and hot sauce if you're willing to pay that extra 50 cents. Then you watch a fun video for 60 seconds while your burrito is made and warmed up.

Just imagine a Red Box machine, but instead of movies, you get burritos. And instead of returning the movie the next day, all you have to do is enjoy the memory of eating a burrito that came from a vending machine.

There are now two BurritoBox locations in Los Angeles, and you can follow all the burrito vending machine adventures on Instagram

That sentence right there represents everything that is right with America.