Beckhams Sue Former Nanny

David and Victoria Beckham take action against ex-nanny after she tells tabloid of marriage troubles

By Sarah Hall Apr 27, 2005 10:30 PMTags

David and Victoria Beckham really, really want to know where one finds good help these days.

The British celeb duo are suing mad at their former nanny, Abbie Gibson, after she was quoted in a seven-page report in Sunday's News of the World alleging that she witnessed the couple fighting on numerous occasions.

Among other claims, Gibson asserted that Victoria Beckham had confided to her that David Beckham wanted to end the marriage.

"One night I woke and heard them arguing on the landing and heard David call Victoria a [expletive deleted] bitch," Gibson told the News.

"The next day, I asked Victoria if she was alL right. She started crying and said, 'I don't know what to do. He is on about splitting up, he told me, 'I want to split.' I am walking on eggshells. I have to make sure I don't trigger another argument. I have asked him to stay with me until the baby is born. I think things are slipping away from me."

The Beckhams sought an injunction against the article, arguing that Gibson was in violation of her confidentiality contract, but the court ruled in favor of the News of the World, finding that the story was in the public interest.

The couple is now suing Gibson, who reportedly quit earlier this month, for breach of confidence.

David Beckham called Gibson's violation of trust "amazing" and "unbelievable."

"When you invite people into your home to look after your need to be able to trust them," the soccer star told reporters in Madrid, where he plays for Real Madrid.

Beckham said he preferred to keep his comments to a minimum due to legal considerations.

"What I will say, though, is that the reason I keep my mind on football is that me and my wife are happy. We are normal people, although people might not think that. Of course, we have arguments like everybody, but, at the end of the day, I know that I love my wife," he said.

The couple is also reportedly considering legal action against the News of the World. They previously sued the tabloid last September over another report about the allegedly rocky state of their union.

In fact, the Beckhams, who wed in 1999, are accustomed to shooting down rumors about their relationship by now.

Their marriage has been subjected to constant scrutiny in recent months after rampant speculations that David Beckham had carried on affairs with several different women.

The A-list duo (at least in the U.K.) have repeatedly denied any problems and maintained that their union is in good shape.

In February, reformed Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, 31, gave birth to the couple's third child, a son named Cruz. The couple also have two other young sons, five-year-old Brooklyn and two-year-old Romeo.

David Beckham, who turns 30 on Monday, has said he wants to finish out his soccer career with Real Madrid.