Jimmy Kimmel has celebs read aloud mean tweets about themselves on the reg, but when he took things to the comments section with Sofía Vergara, he went just a little too far!

On Wednesday, Jan. 8, the Jimmy Kimmel Live funnyman began by acknowledging that "the most dangerous neighborhood in the country" right now is "the comments section on every webpage." He then invited Modern Family's bombshell to join him in reading snarky remarks written about each other online.

At first, the insults were pretty same. Sofía, 41, read a comment written about the late-night host, 46, that said, "I hate Jimmy Kimmel. He has squinty eyes and a gape mouth that never really closes." Jimmy, seemingly unoffended, admitted, "Well, that one I actually agree with."

Sofia Vergara, Jimmy Kimmel


And Sofía just shook her head in mock disgust as Jimmy read comments of people wishing she "was a mute," and saying she has "an amazing body, but the face? Not so much."

But things quickly took a darker turn, as online comment sections tend to do. When Jimmy read a comment about Sofia having "a man jaw," being "ugly," and having "a more annoying voice than Fran Drescher," the Colombian born beauty wasn't exactly amused.

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But Sofía's tipping point came when Jimmy read a comment asking, "Has anyone checked for a penis?" She slapped him across the face and stormed offstage. Jimmy pointed out he was just repeating comments written on the Internet, but Sofía got the last word on the penis insinuation, telling the late-night host hers was "for sure bigger than yours!"

Ha! (Preemptive strike for these comments: We know this was all a joke.)

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