Switched at Birth First Look: Glee Fan Favorite Hilariously Befriends Bay in Art Class—Watch Now!

Exclusive! We've got your first look at the winter premiere of the ABC Family hit drama, guest-starring Max Adler

By Leanne Aguilera Jan 08, 2014 9:34 PMTags
Max Adler, Vanessa Marano, Switched at BirthABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

ABC Family's heart-warming show Switched at Birth is know for its emotional episodes and inspiring messages, which is exactly why we can't wait for the series to return this Monday, Jan. 13. The winter premiere is guaranteed to give you all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings thanks to Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne's (Katie Leclerc) always-endearing chemistry.

But now, there's a brand-new reason to tune into the first episode back: There's a Glee star in the mix! Fan-favorite actor Max Adler is leaving the drama of William McKinley High behind and showcasing his comedic skills in the upcoming winter season of Switched at Birth.

To get you excited for all the new characters joining the series, we've scored you an exclusive first look at Adler's appearance on the ABC Family drama as he shares a scene with Marano and comedy legend Sandra Bernhard.

Watch: "Glee" Star Makes Cameo on "Switched at Birth"

We all know that Bay is one of the most artistic characters on television, so when she attempts to step up her game by enrolling in a college level art course, she discovers that it's not all just finger paints and glitter. 

Bernhard joins the series as Bay's eccentric and passionate art teacher who was an extremely popular artist in the '80s, thanks, in large part, to her distain for wearing clothes. And joining Bay in her artistic endeavor is Tank (Adler), a jocky frat boy who would rather please his fraternity brothers than show up to class on time.

Take a look at the exclusive clip above to see Tank's hilarious classroom disruption, and find out why his favorite accessory is a bowling ball.

The winter premiere of Switched at Birth airs Monday, Jan. 13, at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.