The cold weather currently dominating the majority of the country (and the news cycle) makes people do crazy things. Like wear skinny khakis!

Ah, we kid. But anyway, this dude in Iowa decided to look the Polar Vortex straight in the face and say, "Screw you, freezing temperatures! I'm gonna do the usual stuff I do outside! By the way, Polar Vortex is an excellent band name and I'm totally calling dibs on it!"

So what happens when you attempt to jump on a trampoline in the middle of winter?

This brave young fellow wanted to find out. And because this is the age of the Internet, he documented the whole process. Turns out, you don't really jump on a frozen trampoline so much as you bounce slightly and then immediately fall.

And kids, please do not try this yourself. We know life is all about one-upping other people, but if you try and jump into a frozen pool or something...well, you remember what happened with that guy.

Frozen Pool Jump

Shattered coccyx for sure.

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