Honey Boo Boo and Family Involved in Serious Car Crash: "It Was Really Scary for Us," Mama June Says

"It was the first time any of us had ever been in a wreck," the reality show's matriarch says in a statement

By Bruna Nessif, Senta Scarborough Jan 07, 2014 10:12 PMTags

Honey Boo Boo (aka Alana Thompson) and her family were involved in a bad car accident Monday night, E! News confirms.

Sugar Bear was driving the 8-year-old reality star, along with Mama June, sisters Pumpkin and Chubbs, last night in Milledgeville, Ga., when a pickup truck hit the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo stars' vehicle as they were making a left turn at the light.

According to the police report, both drivers had a green light, but Sugar Bear says he didn't see the truck coming because the headlights weren't on, however the truck driver states his lights were on an automatic setting. Since the car was parked when authorities arrived on the scene, they could not confirm whether or not the lights were on.

The report also states that no one suffered any serious injuries (especially lucky for Mama June, who wasn't wearing her seatbelt), but E! News learns the family went to the hospital after complaining of back pain and shortness of breath.

"As many of you have heard we were in a car accident last night," Mama June said in a statement. "It was really scary for us, since it was the first time any of us had ever been in a wreck. We are definitely really sore today, but our top priority is to celebrate Pumpkin's birthday. She turned 14 today and no matter how sore we feel we are going to go out and celebrate. As always we want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes."

The driver of the pickup truck, 19-year-old Seth Cagle, tells E! News exclusively, "We both had the green light. He [Sugar Bear] made a left hand turn which crossed the lane and I was traveling and that is when I struck him because he cut me off. He made a left hand turn when crossing on-coming traffic—that is when he struck me and I struck him. I was headed straight."

He continued, "There happened to be an ambulance around right when the accident happened, and one of the girls got checked out and they left. I don't know which one it was. The paramedics left when the police got there and we all stayed until the police arrived and then told us we could go."

Cagle's attorney, Walter Green, tells E! News, "Mr. Cagle was not cited of any traffic violations. His contention is he was driving within the speed limit and Thompson made an error in judgment and there was nothing Mr. Cagle could have done to prevented the accident from happening."

He adds, "He just told me today he is sore in his back area. He advised me if it doesn't get any better he will get it checked out."

Both cars had moderate damage after the collision. Per the police report, Sugar Bear's SUV "consisted of dents, scratches, and crush damage to the front grill and driver's side headlight, as well as a crumpled hood," while the damage to Cagle's truck "consisted of cracks and dents to the front bumper, as well as damage to the grill area. A section of the front bumper had also been broken off the vehicle."

—Additional reporting by Lindsay Good