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"It's about family."

File that quote under things we never thought a serial killer TV show could be about, but that's exactly what season two of The Following will be focusing on when it returns on Sunday, Jan. 19. We've got an exclusive preview at the Fox hit thriller's highly anticipated return, featuring all new footage and juicy teases from creator and evil mastermind Kevin Williamson, who previews a new Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon), who has finally found a reason to live despite all the tragedy he's experienced.

While season one saw Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) putting together his family of followers, this season will see the family Ryan's created for himself, which included FBI agent Mike Weston and his niece Max Hardy, a new addition to the series played by 90210's Jessica Stroup.

"He's got people he cares about and now he's going to fight for them," Williamson teases of Ryan Hardy when the show returns.

And gone are the days of Ryan drinking on the job and recklessly putting his life in danger. "Last year, Ryan had nothing to lose, he was OK walking into a room knowing he might not walk out of it. This year's different," he explains. "Ryan's found a reason to live. Ryan's found hope. Ryan's gotten his life together. Ryan's got his heart in check. Ryan's got his sobriety in check."

But the relationship waters will be rocky for Ryan and Mike, as Williamson says, "Ryan wants to push Mike away because he doesn't want Mike to become him." So. Many. Bromance. Feelings. As for Max, who is a detective with the NYPD, Williamson says Ryan's niece is "the only personal connection or relationship he has in New York." Which means she's total serial killer bait, no?

The Following

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But it's not all family feelings as Williamson says "a horrific event" will kick off the season as "It's one year later, it's the anniversary of the death of Joe Carroll."

To get a taste of the horrific event and more scoop on what's ahead, watch our exclusive sneak peek at The Following's next chapter above.

The Following season two kicks off with a special preview event on Sunday, Jan. 19, on Fox, before moving to its regular time slot on Monday, Jan. 27.

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