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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Monday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next

Hostages: Tonight's special two-hour finale of Hostages wrapped up our 15-week tale with a big, fat, glittery bow. After 14 days of captivation, manipulation, and interrogation, the Sanders family are finally free from their kidnapers. So here's how it all went down: Ellen finally got into the OR to operate on President Kincaid and despite a brief moment of panic and wrestling through a thick cloud of smoke, the surgery was a complete and total success.

As for Duncan? He and Archer finally had their highly anticipated showdown after helping the Sander's pull off a plan to fake their son's death. After a heated face-off, Duncan killed Archer on the Sanders' living room floor. (Sadly this was not like Dylan McDermott's fight on American Horror Story with only a teeny-tiny towel) By the end of the episode Duncan secured his wife and daughter's safety and then ever-so-politely turned himself into the cops. 

Castle: It's getting hot in here! Unfortunately we're not talking about a steamy scene between Castle and Beckett, we're talking about the drama's fiery winter premiere. There was an arsonist on the loose on tonight's all-new episode and it put our two favorite boys, Ryan and Esposito, right in the middle of a hot mess—literally.

While searching through the arsonist's hub, the two fellas set off a fiery boobie-trap that engulfed the building in flames and trapped them inside. We were seriously starting to think that we were about to lose one of our favorite secondary characters when just in the nick of time, our engaged crime-fighters (more commonly known as Caskett) discovered the identity of the arsonist and rescued a smoky Ryan and Esposito from the wreckage. 

Teen Wolf: It's ba-ack! After too many werewolf-free months, MTV's hit drama Teen Wolf is back and darker than ever. Tonight's season three winter premiere featured one of the most terrifying episodes that we've ever seen and we love every damn second of it. Want to get caught up on all the hairy details? Read a full recap right here!

The Bachelor: Did you miss the brand-new season premiere of The Bachelor featuring the hunky hottie dreamboat Juan Pablo Galavis? Have no fear, E! Online is here! We've got your complete recap from tonight's bananas episode of The Bachelor complete with the most shocking moment, the craziest contestant, and our early picks for Juan's leading ladies. Check out all the best moments right here!

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