Justin Timberlake, Runner Runner

E! Online

Justin Timberlake is obviously in over his head.

Not in life, where he rules all that he surveys, but in this deleted scene from Runner Runner, exclusively obtained by E! News ahead of the film's Jan. 7 release on Blu-ray and DVD.

Timberlake's Richie is sporting one heck of a shiner when he meets up with Gemma Arterton's comely but conflicted Rebecca, where he proceeds to confront her about setting up a meeting where he ended up getting a beatdown instead.

"So you knew this was going to happen," he accuses her.

"I didn't know what was going to happen!" Rebecca insists to Richie, a Wall Street exec who tries to fund business school by playing online poker, ends up getting swindled and heads down to Costa Rica to confront Ivan, the shady owner of a bunch of online gambling sites played by Ben Affleck.

"Anything can happen down here," Rebecca, who dated Ivan before getting involved with Richie. "We all have to face a moment when we have to decide what we're willing to do."

What Richie wants to do is head out on his own with Rebecca—but she doesn't think they have a shot in the biz so long as Ivan is around. Hmm... 

Our two cents? Stick with Justin Timberlake. His plans usually seem to turn out for the best.

Runner Runner is available on DVD and Blu-ray starting Tuesday, Jan. 7.

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