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Spoiler Alert: Do not continue reading this article if you've yet to watch Teen Wolf's season three winter premiere. We're Derek Hale-level serious here, people! You don't get to complain in the comments about spoilers if you choose to continue on...

Happy Moonday, Teen Wolf fans! That's right, our MTV obsession finally returned to us on Monday night, finally ending our five-month-long depression. And what a return it was as "Anchors" proved to be one of the show's scariest outings ever, complete with nightmares, demons and a creepy group sign-language scene that will haunt us for some time to come. Ah, it's good to be back in Beacon Hills!

So just how much danger are Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Allison (Crystal Reed) in this season? And did Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) return to town after leaving in the season 3A finale? Plus, the premiere introduced viewers to several new characters that will prove to be very important to this season's mythology...

Troubled Trio: Yeah, that whole dying to save their parents thing is really not working out so well for Scott, Stiles and Allison. Scott can't control his wolf-y senses, Allison is being visited by the ghost of her crazy Aunt Kate and Stiles is straight up losing his mind, struggling to stay sane and tell the difference between reality and dreams. (Kudos to Dylan O'Brien for an amazing dramatic performance in the episode.)

After receiving some help from an unlikely source (we'll get to her in a minute), Scott and Stiles turn to Deaton, their friendly vet/knower of everything supernatural, for help. After figuring out that the sign language message from Stiles' super-creepy-yet-awesome dream meant "When is a door not a door?," we learn that something evil has access to their minds because the doorways into them are "ajar." Hmmm...a riddle seems like something a Kitsune, a trickster spirit, would use, no?

So yeah, they are kind of screwed if they don't figure out how to close the doorways ASAP. "All of our characters are going through a bunch of changes and we're confused as to what's real and what's not real," Crystal Reed recently told us. "Our executive producer [Jeff Davis] really wanted it to be like a mind game."

Arden Cho

New Girl in Town: Welcome to Beacon Hills, Kira (Arden Cho)! Fans met the school's new student via an awkward introduction from her father, the school's new history teacher. But Kira made a real impression on our gang of supernatural misfits when she approached them at lunch and revealed she knew what was going on with the troubled trio: It's Bardo, a Tibetan term that means "in between state," and its last stage? Death. Oh, and Scott definitely took an immediate interest in Kira. Someone ring the new love-interest bell! (Also: Allison and Isaac? Totally going to happen.)

Blast From the Past: Now that he's finally in the know, Sheriff Stilinski (whose job is in jeopardy thanks to Scott's FBI father coming back to town and launching an investigation, aka being the worst) is going through old cases with a supernatural lens. First up? A mysterious car accident that saw the death of a 9-year-old girl named Malia Tate, whose body was covered in bites from a coyote. Except they were totally werewolf bites as Scott came face-to-face with a lady wolf at the end of the premiere, calling her Malia after seeing the animal's blue eyes.

Shirtless Torture: Hey, it's not that we want to see Derek and Peter (Ian Bohen) tortured, but if that's what it takes to get their shirts off, we'll take any crumbs MTV will give us. In the final scene, we find the two Hale men tied up, being tortured by...someone. Any guesses?

But wait, didn't Peter take a turn for the bad at the end of the Season 3A finale? "He's not actually the big bad, the villain," Jeff Davis teased. "He's definitely an antagonist. Our heroes should watch out for him."

What did you think of Teen Wolf's Season 3B premiere? Sound off in the comments!

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