Winter Storm Ion: Here Are All the Different Ways You Can Handle a Snow Day

From sleeping to drinking, here are some different activities you can do this week

By Jenna Mullins Jan 06, 2014 8:12 PMTags
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Holy hell, it's cold outside.

A winter storm has ripped across the country and caused many places to reach record-breaking low temperatures. We're talking negative 32 degrees in some cities! That's insane.

Of course, a lot of people aren't sweating the weather because they got a snow day today, and possibly more coming this week. For those of you stuck inside, you have seven options for spending your time while waiting out the storm. What? You mean there's more to do than just tweeting about the snow? Hell yeah! Check it:

1. Panic: Buy all the water! Gather up all the blankets! Hoard all the firewood! Fight all the other grocery shoppers! Seriously though, try not to panic and stay safe. If you need tips on how to prepare for the storm, the Red Cross website has some good info.

2. Sleep: You don't have to go to work/school today, which means you can sleep as late as you want. 9 a.m.? Noon? 2 p.m.? Shoot for the stars with your sleeping. Fun little tip: set your alarm for your usual wake-up time, because nothing feels as good as hearing your alarm and turning it off, knowing you can go back to sleep and snooze as late as you want.

3. Party: Hopefully you bought all the alcohol and food you needed before the roads closed. If you didn't, please don't go out. A 30-pack of Natty Light is not worth it. But if you're well stocked, time to party! Set up a beer pong tournament (bonus points if you build the table out of snow and ice), cue up power hour or just enjoy a nice bottle of wine. Alcohol, we hear, is scientifically proven to warm you up*, plus you might not notice how truly scary the weather is if you're three cups deep in jungle juice. 

4. Get Productive: If you're the type of person who feels restless if you aren't doing something productive, then first of all, we don't understand your kind. But you are probably rocking this snow day! You can start (or finish) that home improvement project. Or you can catch up some homework. Maybe this is the day you really tackle that reading list. Our favorite stuck-inside habit? Cleaning. If you're going to be trapped inside the house, you might as well make it sparkle. Or at least make it not smell like old Pizza Rolls and urine. 

5. Binge-Watching: Did you know that people really, really like Breaking Bad? Well, now is the perfect time to see what all the fuss is about. Cue up Netflix and start from the beginning. What else are you going to do today? Work out? Ha! Personally, we love a good marathon of Parks and Recreation to pass the day. But that's just us. But we're awesome, so you might want to take our suggestion. 

6. Make a Baby (or Just Get Some Practice In): If you're trapped with your significant other, then maybe it's time for a little baby-making? The number of babies born nine months from now will be quadruple the normal amount** because two people stuck in the same spot, regardless of their relationship status, are almost guaranteed to get to some base. That goes for all you people who are stuck alone! Self-loving counts, too. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

7. Outside Adventures: Are you insane? There is something called a polar vortex out there! Have you seen The Day After Tomorrow? That's basically what's happening right now. You just have to get that snow angel selfie, don't you? Go inside, you lunatic!

How are you spending your snow day? Stay warm, kids!

*probably not true
**also probably not true

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